Ohmigosh folks. We have been so busy over here at Lighthouse For Veterans that it was just not possible for me to get over here to write another post. Let me tell you why.

A few months ago (April-ish) it was brought to my attention that there were 40 acres, with stables and a house for sale - and someone suggested that Lighthouse For Veterans should buy it - start doing equine therapy for Veterans, as well as start doing our Veteran retreats there, on that property. At first, I thought, "nope." That was not a part of my original plan. Then I slept on it. And I thought about it. And God kept putting it on my heart. So I began talking to folks about it and the more I thought and the more that I talked about it - the more God was pushing me in that direction. So I brought my "crazy idea" to the board of directors, and asked for their opinions. Everyone wanted to go forward with doing the research and putting a business plan together - so that is exactly what I did. I spent countless nights up til midnight or later, doing research and gathering information to put into what ended up being a 41 page business plan. We were ready to begin submitting for grant money - to try and buy this land. Only to find out that there was an accepted offer on the land. I was heartbroke. I thought for sure this was the path that God was putting before me - and I just did 4 months worth of work - for nothing? I continued to pray about it. After about a month or so - we got a phone call - the offer fell through. The land was available again. I was in Walmart when I took that phone call from our realtor, and I continued the rest of my shopping after the phone call with a huge smile on my face. :-D

So now, we have submitted a letter of intent to the sellers, explaining our situation, and what our plans for the land and the stables are. We want to use the land to save lives - Veteran lives.

Unfortunately, now we are in the part of the process that I hate the most. The waiting. So, we are waiting. We are waiting to find out if the sellers are willing to wait on us to get grants to pay for the land. We wait and we pray. If God gives a vision, he will give provision.

We are making moves over here at LFV. Big dreams for big moves. Watch us move.

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