Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Welcome to Lighthouse For Veterans' newest feature - our BLOG!

We will use this blog to keep you updated on events, endeavors, and just to let you in - behind the scenes - on running a nonprofit.

As of this week, we have begun our newest fundraiser - using pink flamingos! You heard me right, we are raising money with plastic pink flamingos. The idea is that in the middle of the night, we "flock" someone's yard with 25 - 50 pink flamingos. The next morning, that someone gets a big surprise when they walk out of their front door. Attached to the neck of one of the flamingos is a "ransom note". It basically explains the fundraiser and gives 3 different payment options to have the flamingos removed. I did the first flocking by myself and I can tell you - it is a blast running around in the pitch black, being sneaky and trying not to get caught red, err - pink handed! ;-)

You can also pay to have someone flocked. Again, all money raised goes towards the fight against Veteran suicide. We are looking forward to the awareness that this fundraiser will raise, as well as the funds, and the fun that is bound to be had!!

How can you help?

1. We need people to flock. Do you know someone that would get a kick out of having a pink surprise in their front yard? Send us a message with their name and address. The rates to have someone flocked is as follows: $20 for 25 flamingos, or $40 for 50 flamingos. If you want us to do the flocking in the dark (at night), add $5, otherwise we can do the flocking during the day (while most folks are at work.)

2. We need volunteers to help do the actual flocking. If you can commit to 30-45 minutes, we could use your help! We have flockings happening every 2 days or so, and need all the volunteers we can get! Send us a message if you are interested!

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