This was a busy week for Lighthouse For Veterans, specifically for me, the President. On Wednesday (Halloween) I was able to sit through a 8 hour class, and learn how to teach the QPR Gatekeeper class to others. QPR stands for Question, Persuade, Refer. It is the basic questions that need to be asked to anyone who you believe may be contemplating suicide. If everyone was QPR Certified we may very well be able to make a real difference in preventing suicide. I can now teach the one hour class to certify others in QPR. Be on the look out for a class coming soon to a neighborhood near you!!

On Thursday, Hospice of Michigan hosted a viewing of the movie "The Ripple Effect". Lighthouse For Veterans was a proud sponsor of the viewing. I was also asked to sit on the "Panel of Experts" after the movie for the audience to ask questions. I had never seen the movie before. It is a good movie, however there are definitely a ton of triggers in the movie. It was both sad and excited at the same time. Without going into too much detail, the movie is about Kevin Hines, and his attempted suicide by jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge - and his subsequent life change to a motivational speaker. He is now a leader in suicide prevention! It's amazing first of all that he survived the fall, but to see how God is using him to now prevent suicide - it's inspiring.

Lastly, THREE houses were flocked this week. One in Twin Lake earlier in the week, and tonight, one in Holton and one in Muskegon. We have plans to flock at least one if not two more on Sunday. Be careful - the flamingos may just find your house too!! ;-)

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